About Our Corporation

Battalions is a work-at-heights specialist company that seeks to provide clients with the best and most effective way to do work at heights.

We realized different work at heights mechanisms accomplish the same goal. At Battalions, we find you the optimal way to perform work at heights services considering your constraints. We evaluate your budget, execution time, safety, ergonomics, site constraints, mobilization time, and start time.

Battalions was incorporated in 2011 and maintain the utmost standard concerning quality, environmental management, health, and safety. Our management systems are internationally recognized and are ISO 9001, 45001, and 14001 certified.

We have never had a fatality since incorporation in 2011 and continue to strive for a fatality-free incident history despite specializing in high-risk work.

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Our Values


We have developed a Quality Management System to ensure our operations deliver clients the best quality. We strictly abide by our QMS.


The Battalions team would like to make a significant shift in the way we do work at heights, hence why we are always looking for the most innovative ways to perform tasks.

Health & Safety

Working at heights is extremely risky. We never compromise on health, safety and environmental management.


Our team consists of professionals. Every task we perform, we encourage everyone to be professional. This is pivotal for us to maintain our quality standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Every job we do, we always perform a customer satisfaction survey. Our customers’ recommendations mean a lot to us.

Continuous Improvement

There is and will always be challenges. With our continuous improvement philosophy, we ensure that we do not repeat the same mistakes and challenges of the past.


We work on our relationships with our clients. Our communication is always transparent and, for that reason, you can always depend on us. If we commit, we will stick to it.

Making a difference

We would like to change everyone’s lives we interact with for the better. We would like to make a difference in our clients, employees and societies.

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