Rockfall mitigation

We provide high-quality and cost-efficient fall mitigation solution such as drape wire mesh, rock fall protection barriers and many more.

Shotcrete and Gunite

We apply shotcrete and gunite to reinforce temporary and permanent excavations.

Slope stability monitoring instruments

We supply and install slope stability monitoring instruments such as inclinometers, survey prisms and more.

Grouted soil nails

Soil nailing technique used to reinforce soil to make it more stable.

Percussion Drilling

We do percussion drilling for unconsolidated and consolidated formations such as sand, sandstone and stiff clay.

Soil Profiling and Sampling

We can collect soil samples in hard to reach areas using our work-at-heights mechanism and provide a lab analysis.


We can pump out water from an excavation and ensure slope stability and implement rigorous fall prevention techniques.

Helical Piles

We use cost-effective screw / helical piles for ground drilling in order to ensure the least environmental impact.

Stress Evaluation

Quantifying the state of stress in rock and concrete structures using a variety of stress determination techniques


We specialise in high-risk mining contracting work.

We never compromise on health, safety and environmental management. Our management systems take into consideration the use of the right PPE at all times to avoid dangers such as exposure to prolonged noise, UV exposure, musculoskeletal disorders due to heavy lifting and trips and falls, overexposure to heat and humidity, whole-body vibrations and exposure to a lot of dust.

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Mining Plant Maintenance

Our exposure to industrial work enables us to perform routine inspections on the mining plant side. These can be anything ranging from welding, sandblasting, repairing conveyor systems to cleaning bunkers and coal storage silos.

We also provide access systems to complement the work done at the mining plants and/or the mining side. This includes gantry cranes with a safe working load greater than 5 t, or bridge cranes with a safe working load greater than 10 t, and any gantry crane or bridge crane which is designed to handle molten metal or dangerous goods.

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More services we do for the mining sector

  • Environmental drilling and testing
  • Groundwater drilling and testing
  • Geothermal insulations
  • Inseam drifts
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Evaluation of support systems
  • Bulk material re-handling
  • Raise-boring
  • Equipment maintenance
  • High wall blasting
  • ore haulage, crushing and conveyance
  • Shaft Sinking
  • Installation of surface civil infrastructure
  • Conveyor belt maintenance