Fully certified welding

We provide fully certified rope access welding. Our team consists of 6G Coded Welders who can work on rope.


We perform surface preparation to remove grease, previous coatings, dust or rust-through abrasion.

Corrosion Protection

We apply corrosion protection to ensure your prepared surface is resistant to rust and chemical exposure.

DROPS Surveys & Risk Mitigation

We are committed to preventing harm to personnel and damage to equipment from dropped objects

Standby Rescue

We provide highly experienced and technical technicians to perform rescue operations whenever your workers are working in high-risk workspaces.


NDT inspection services including visual, ultrasonic testing, mag particle, PT dye penetrate, PMI (positive material inspection) and CWI (certified welding inspection)

Maintenance Repairs

High angle structure, stack, tower, derrick maintenance and repair

Fall prevention systems

Permanent and temporary fall protection installation, maintenance and inspection


We hire and erect various scaffolding solutions to suit your particular needs.


We perform high-risk work in the oil and gas industry, and we ensure all our technicians are competent and experienced.

Our offshore rope access solutions adhere to the utmost in professionalism and quality code standards. All of our technicians are IRATA and SPRAT certified as well as certified in their given trades and crafts. Our health, safety and environmental management ensures this is evaluated before any project starts.

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Scalable & Quality Solutions

Battalions at heights has a network of strategic partners to assist us in doing projects all over the world, and this ensures your project is completed to the highest quality standards no matter the size.

We partner with our clients to provide a safe and cost-effective approach, no matter how large or small your project is. Our goal at Battalions is to satisfy your needs in any work-at-heights scenario, where general means of access is not possible. From offshore oil platforms in Southern Africa to refineries in Nigeria, you can count on Battalions to get the job done safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Below are some of the services we offer to the oil & gas industry.
We specialise in:

  • Derrick Construction
  • Anode Removal & Installation
  • Crane Boom Inspections
  • Riser & Umbilical Installation
  • Sub-sea Diving Operations
  • Flare Tip Change Out
  • NACE Coating Inspection & Quality Control
  • Suspended Scaffolding
  • Vessel Mooring & Hook-ups
  • High-level bolting
  • Maintenance squads
  • Derrick & Masts Upgrades
  • Access Towers
  • SIMOPS Uninterrupted Production
  • Structural PFP Systems
  • Piping Repairs


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