Rope Access & Fall Arrest

Battalions at heights can provide a variety of services using rope access. We also provide fall preventions systems for your technicians working at heights.

Rope access is a work positioning method that uses ropes to allow workers to reach difficult to reach locations. Technicians can descend, ascend and move laterally while suspended on their harness's. Technicians can be able to perform their trades such as inspections, concrete repairs, welding et cetera without the use of traditional platforms such as scaffolding or suspended platforms.

Fall Arrest systems prevent technicians from failing in the form of guard rails, lifelines, safety catch nets and more. Work is performed on a platform the technician can manoeuvre on; however, the risk of falling is mitigated using a fall arrest or fall prevention system. Anchorage is very critical for fall arrest systems. Anchorage works closely with rope access, as this is the base where ropes are rigged.

Corrosion Protection

Rope access technicians can perform their skilled trades while hanging on a rope. Trades such as welding, inspections, etc.

Work-at-heights rescue

Using rope access techniques, we can perform fast emergency rescue to remove people from harm or danger.

Safety catch nets

Fall prevention and protection are achieved using safety catch nets to avoid tools and technicians from experiencing an impact.

Certified anchor points

Anchorage is very important when creating fall preventions systems and working on rope. Battalions installs and certifies anchors.

NDT inspections

NDT inspections can be performed at hard to reach areas using rope access. We have a team of NDT technicians who can do work while hanging on a rope

Asbestos Removal

Battalions is an approved asbestos removal contractor. We can also remove Asbestos using rope access for hard to reach areas.


Setup Time

Rope access needs certified anchor points or strong anchors for you to be ready to start working. This is its greatest advantage.


It is moderately affordable, considering the benefits it provides.


Rope systems allow you to easily move left, right, up and down.

Can be done

Confined spaces are better accessible using rope access. Rescue operations are best done using rope access.



Your weight is hanging on a rope which is riskier than strong steel platforms.


It is not a comfortable platform to work on.


Heavily loads cannot be carried when working on rope.


Expensive and rigorous training is required for you to be qualified.

Cannot be done

You cannot access structures bottom-up such as poles or structures where anchors do not exist.

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