Suspended Access Platforms

A temporary suspended working platform comprises a working platform, normally suspended on wire ropes attached to a roof rig

Suspended working platforms, which are commonly known as gondolas. The working platform may be lifted or lowered by winches or climbers that are usually mounted on the working platform. Sometimes, the working platform is also designed to traverse. A suspended platform can be temporary and permanent.

A temporary suspended working platform is temporarily assembled on a building or a structure. It will be dismantled at the end of the work for which it was installed. A permanent suspended working platform is designed especially to be permanently installed on a specific building or structure for the inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the facades. It is also known as a building maintenance unit.

Standard 2m - 12m configurable modules

We can provide configuration Suspended Platform Systems spanning from 2m - 12m to provide temporary access to heights – for building maintenance, at construction sites or in industrial environments.

Multideck Platforms

Battalions can provide Suspended Platform Systems provide temporary access to heights – for building maintenance consisting of with multiple decks/layers.

Round Platforms

Round suspended working platform are used for chimney wall painting, cleaning, etc. The height can be up to 248 meters. We can supply customised platforms to meet different requirements from customers.

Multi-point Adjustable Suspended Platforms

This suspended scaffold consists of platform(s) that are suspended from the overhead structure at more than two points. A multi-point adjustable scaffold is equipped such that the height can be adjusted according to the requirement of the project.

Suspended Man Baskets

A commercially manufactured, suspended man basket may be manually operated or power-driven, is generally suspended from a thrust-out, and is equipped with a separate vertical lifeline.

Custom Design TSP's

Battalions can design and manufacture temporary suspended platforms for special applications. We provide 3D designs for the configuration required prior to starting with the manufacturing.



Comfortable platform to work on.


Easy to move up and down. Depending on the setup, you can also move left and right.


Suspended platforms are moderately affordable, considering the benefits it provides.

Setup Time

It takes 30 minutes–10 hours to set up a suspended platform. If there is a rail installed as part of the infrastructure, it is much quicker to perform a setup.

Can be done

Suspend platforms are best for work that has installation rail/anchorage and requires precision and steadiness for work to be done. This can be inspections and welding procedures that are more difficult using rope access.



Suspended platforms cannot carry more than 1 ton of load, including equipment. Check for load capacity before using.


If anchorage or suspension infrastructure is not inspected or has been tampered with before work can result in catastrophic incidents.


Training for installation and usages are required.

Cannot be done

Not suitable for work on poles or where there is no anchorage top down.

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