The client provides us with information about their work-at-heights problem or challenge. We can also perform a site inspection to understand the problem.


When we understand the problem, our team of work-at-heights consultants evaluate all possible solutions for your work-at-heights challenges.


The result of our evaluation will provide you with the cost- and risk-benefit ratio of performing the work using the work-at-heights mechanism.


Our work-at-heights consulting technique will provide an approximate time interval it will take to set up or prep to start doing the work. We will also provide an interval of how long the work will take using the specified technique.


We will provide you with the costs for all possible solutions to your work-at-heights problem. For more complex tasks, which are charged, per time we can provide an approximate cost internally.


There are always risks when working at heights. We will provide you with all the possible risk for every solution we provide.


Every work-at-heights mechanism has its unique benefits. We will provide you with all the benefits for the solutions we suggest. You will evaluate the benefits given with what you require and decide on the best suitable solution.

Work at heights consulting inforgraphic

Past innovations

Tongaat Hullets Smoke Emissions

For many years, Tongaat Hulett Starch has been using environmental monitoring specialist for checking how much smoke they are emitting into the atmosphere. The environmentalist would need access to the monitoring probe, and this was accomplished using scaffolding. Battalions at heights are no environmental monitoring experts, but we were able to come up with a solution that made then save 99% of the costs. We worked together with the environmental specialist company, and our rope access technicians provided the means to get the probe to the correct area for monitoring. Reports and analysis where provided by the environmental management company and Battalions provided the access solution.

R523 400

Amount normally paid

R66 300

New amount paid



Training Programme

We train our technicians to be able to perform multiple trades. We also train people with very complex trades on rope access so they can be able to do work while working on rope. This makes us capable of doing very intricate work, such as x-rays, while working on rope or other trades. Our database and skills and mechanisms for working at heights that the technician can use give us a competitive edge in the market. This enables us to be able to do the following:

  • Emergency Work
  • Unique work-at-heights problems
  • Multiple Trades

Work-At-Heights Consulting

We streamlined the process of performing work-at-heights consulting. We decided to streamline the process once we realised that the work-at-heights platforms do need to compete against each other but otherwise complement each other to provide the customer the most optimum solution. This will improve the cost of doing work at heights, and it will change the notion that work at heights is expensive and extremely risky. Our work-at-heights consulting will help educate people when performing work at heights. It will result in technicians understanding which mechanisms are needed for which type of problems.